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Passion & Discovery

Rising up over the banks of the royal river just a few minutes from the centre of Tours, an 18th century manor house nestled against a cliff is lit up by the Loire Valley's gentle light. From the moment you arrive, the hotel personnel's welcome is as simple and warm as the surroundings. It is this unique atmosphere at the Hautes Roches hotel that transforms every moment of your stay into a remarkable experience.

Comfort & Quiet

​The hotel has 14 rooms, all facing South and overlooking the meandering Loire river. 12 rooms are sculpted into the rock, the 2 others are situated on the first floor of the manor house. It is only natural that in such an unusual environment, every room must be unique. Unique in terms of the care and attention paid to the decor where high-quality materials and the rock create subtle harmonies, but also the unique characteristics created by a living space carved into the rock: calm, comfort and above all, originality.
(For the moment, our rooms have no accessible technologies for persons with disabilities.)

History & Requirement

​The origins of everything lie in a passionate impulse. It was the passion of one builder, Philippe Mollard, that lead to the renovation of these caves that once belonged to the Marmoutier Abbey. After a long period of renovation the dormitories initially reserved for the monks were transformed and became part of the Relais & Chateaux family in 1991. From that moment on the Hautes Roches hotel has retained its title as France's leading luxury Troglodytic hotel.

Experience & Dating

​Whatever the occasion, a stay in the troglodyte caves will always be an unforgettable experience. Right inside the core of the cliffs, in the maze of rooms sculpted in the rock, you come face to face with the exceptional.... and complete comfort too! Far from their initial role as monastic cells, the troglodyte bedrooms fully meet every expectation of a luxury establishment. The tufa, a rock whose appearance resembles a velvety fabric, is a material that is particularly appreciated for its health-promoting characteristics and qualities. Its light shades contribute to the unusual fragrance that drifts through the rooms. And the temperature, in summer as well as in winter, is always perfect.
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